The PyroMaster on the Prolight & Sound 2014


…one unique machine to create both flame effects and spark fountains.

The PyroMaster is the newest product from TBF-PyroTec; it combines multi-colored flame effects with spark fountains and spark ball effects from 3 to 6 meters of height in one compact machine. With a full tank, the PyroMaster can generate up to 25 single fountain effects – by using DMX 512 at the mere push of a button. Its rugged construction, the extremely compact TBF-design and its high reliability make the PyroMaster a touring effect machine extraordinaire. The PyroMaster is on tour with Michael Buble since several month.

• Spark effects and flame effects are controlled by DMX

• Spark fountains, spark balls, colored flames and ‘normal’ flames, all up to 6 meters high – all from one device

• Spark fountain effects without the need of any “pyro-license” and without complex wiring of several pyro-effects

• Extremely sturdy and compact design

The PyroMaster is developed and manufactured by TBF-PyroTec.

Made in Germany.