Fog machines

TBF-PyroTec offers a select range of top-quality fog machines. These devices are exclusively manufactured in Germany and particularly distinguished by their high durability. An assortment of high quality fog liquids can be found under fog fluids.

Tiny Fogger

It is probably the smallest fog machine in the world, and it was awarded with the “Technology Oscar” in Los Angeles in 2008. We offer three variants of the Tiny Fogger:

Tiny FXMiniatur Nebelmaschine Tiny-fx

We managed to install a technology with a convincing performance in an extremely compact housing (l = 9.8, w = 4.4, h = 3.4 cm). The fluid container is screwed into the device, so the TINY FX merely consists of the fog machine and the battery.

The TINY FX is triggered with a switch built into the lid. Additionally it can be activated with the included cable remote, with a radio remote control, or with a DMX-converter via DMX 512.

Tiny CXNebelmaschine Tiny-cx

The TINY CX is a handy, battery-powered fog machine that is ready to impress with its easy handling and its quick readiness. With a warm-up time of less than a second, its low weight (630 g) and small dimensions (l = 25, w = 5.3, h = 5.5 cm), this device brings the right solution for many occasions. The battery is easily replaceable and supplies energy only when it is needed for fogging.

Power TinyAkku Nebelmaschine Powertiny

With its warm-up time of only one second, the POWER TINY is immediately ready for action. The relatively low weight (5.6 kg) and the small dimensions (l = 22.3, w = 10, h = 21 cm) allow a mobile use of the device. The fog output of the POWER TINY can be continuously adjusted with a turning knob. The fogging process is triggered by the switch integrated into the handle. Thus, a comfortable one-handed operation is possible.


Viper NTNebelmaschine Viper NT

The VIPER NT is a sturdy and reliable fog machine. It is by default controlled via DMX 512. For analog control (0 – 10 V), the device can either be triggered with a lighting desk or an XLR remote. A stand-alone operation is also possible. For the latter, the adjustments are set directly on the device. Digital technology allows for the finest regulation of the pump. The discharge amount can be set in 1%-increments from 0 to 99%. From the faintest cloud of fog up to a thick and permanent haze, the VIPER NT can produce any effect desired.

Viper 2.6Nebelmaschine Viper 2.6

The VIPER 2.6 is the more powerful version of the VIPER NT. It combines the latest digital technology with proven technique and high performance. An enormous fog output, easy handling and the possibility to connect an external fan are the outstanding features of this device.

Orka:Nebelmaschine Orka

The ORKA is currently the most powerful mass-produced fog machine on the market. It is used wherever huge amounts of fog are needed in the shortest amount of time. Due to its enormous power and its massive fog output, very large halls and stadiums can be filled with fog. Like the VIPER, the ORKA can be triggered via DMX, analog signal or in stand-alone operation.

Orka im Case:Nebelmaschine Orka im Case

The ORKA in a sturdy flight case offers additional benefits: the integrated, powerful fan increases the output even more. The air flow can be deflected vertically with the ventilation plate.