The Asian Winter Games

The Asian Winter Games

Feb 09

For the 2011 Asian Winter Games in Kazakhstan, TBF-PyroTec has produced two cauldrons, including the decoration and the burner technology, on behalf of LMP-Pyrotechnik. Apart from the planning, the static analysis and the manufacturing, the contract also included the logistical handling of the transport as well as the construction and operation of both cauldrons on site.

The indoor cauldron was suspended from six mounting points under the roof of the Astana Arena, at a height of 20 meters. The cauldron was lowered to the center of the stage for the finale of the opening ceremonies. The six ‘wings’ of the cauldron unfolded automatically, and the burner was ignited by the push of a button.

The outdoor cauldron was installed on an eight-meter-high pedestal in front of the “Khan Shatyry” in Astana and was ignited simultaneously with its indoor counterpart.

Specifications of the indoor cauldron in the “Astana Arena”:

  • Burning time approx. 2 hours
  • Flame height 1 – 5 m
  • Flame diameter 2.5 m
  • Fueled with propane gas
  • Cauldron diameter 3 m
  • Height of the wings 10 m
  • Total weight 4.5 t

Specifications of the outdoor cauldron at the “Khan Shatyry”

  • Burning time one week
  • Flame height 0.5 m – 5 m
  • Flame diameter 3.5m
  • Fueled with propane gas
  • Cauldron diameter 4m
  • Height of the wings 10 m
  • Total weight 25 t