Single Shot

The Single Shot and the 5-Master UpSideDown at the Circus FlicFlac:

Thanks a lot, Master of Hellfire!

The Single Shot produces unique flames in all directions. Shoot up to 5 meters long fire rays vertically, horizontally, from bottom to top or from top to bottom. With the unique burner technology from TBF PyroTec, this succeeds simply and safely.

The Single Shot is based on the technology of the 5-Masters. The specially for indoor use designed 5-Master-Fluid is conducted from a 6 liter tank via a hose to the single shot and there sprayed through a special nozzle and ignited by a high voltage spark. Up to 5 single shots can be provided by one tank, by being daisy-chained with up to 10 m long hoses and cables. As a tank, even the 5-Master can be used. For this, the hose is being connected to the discharge connection of the 5-Master. The Single Shot is on tour with “Avenged Seven Fold” since several months.

  • Connections: 230 V AC 300 w; Pressure air or nitrogen (max. 30 Normlitres per tankful); DMX 512.
  • Dimensions: 280 mm x 250 mm x 140 mm; weight: 6 kg.
  • To each 6-litre safety-tank or to each 5-Master you can connect up to 5 Single Shots. Cables and hoses are looped through.
  • Combustible: 5-Master-Fluid, especially designed for indoor use.
  • Fire rays up to 5 m length can be shot in every direction.

The PyroMaster is developed and manufactured by TBF-PyroTec. Made in Germany.