Fire paste and fire gel

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Picture: Penthesilea – Theater der Altmark, 2009. Decor, pyrotechnics and photography by Steffen Göpfert

TBF PyroTec’s fire pastes and fire gels burn wherever they are applied – in fire bowls, on walls, in a burning barrel, in the film studio, on the stuntman, on ice, indoors or outdoors, with black smoke or almost no smoke at all, with a normal or a custom-colored flame.

Differences between fire gels and fire pastes

Fire gels and fire pastes do not differ in their fire behavior, but rather in their adhesion to various surfaces and their lifetime when exposed to air.

Fire gels develop a thin film on the surface, which delays the vaporization of the incendiary agents.

As a result, the gel can be safely ignited even after a relatively long exposure to the air. This latency depends mainly on the layer thickness and the air temperature. When used in fire bowls, the bottom of the bowl becomes hotter in comparison to the use of pastes, as the gels burn almost completely without residue and the heat is transferred directly to the surface.

Fire gels have a sticky consistency, thus they adhere well to many surfaces, which is particularly advantageous for the depiction of burning objects.

Fire pastes are ideal for our fire bowls. The ingredients of the pastes have a natural wicking effect, which results in a slightly higher burning flame. The fire pastes form a protective, heat-insulating layer to the surface. Therefore the bottom of the fire bowl does not become too hot. However, when exposed to the air, their lifetime is much lower than with the gels, as they do not form a protective film.