Brandpacks® Color were especially developed for use in fire bowls that are operated manually and are generally used outdoors. However, under the right conditions, indoor use is also possible. Our proven Brandpacks® process guarantees safe, simple use. Brandpacks®Colors are especially economical and have been used by organizers of events throughout Europe. Available in red, green, blue, orange and yellow. Special colors also available.

The new variant of the fire packs are the Jellypacks, which contain fire gel as fuel.



A fire pack is a pasty fuel packed into a plastic bag. The special, non-toxic plastic of the bag burns to form water and carbon compounds.

The fire pack is placed on an inflammable surface and ignited. After approximately 30 minutes, the next fire pack is put into the fire. The new fire pack is kindled by the old one, so the fire just keeps burning. To simplify the lighting of the first fire pack, it is simply cut open with a knife just before ignition.

With an exploding-bridgewire detonator and 20 cm of fuse, the fire pack can also be ignited by the push of a button. The fuse is glued to the pack in a circle and then lit with the bridgewire detonator.