Fountain Flame, playing with fire and water

Fountain Flame installation in Qatar, by Watermaster:

Fountain Flame 24 V

The Fountain Flame at the Sporting Club Monte Carlo. Some footage excerpts:

The Fountain Flame Sugar Loaf Mountain.

The Fountain Flame is a breakthrough design in the world of special effects. Controlled via DMX, this effect generator shows the spectacular interplay of fire and water. It was developed in cooperation with the Oase GmbH, which contributed the pump and nozzle systems, while TBF PyroTec developed the ignition, burner and gas technology.

  • Continuously DMX-controlled water fountain with a height of up to 6 m
  • RGB LED spotlights illuminate the fountain jet
  • DMX-controlled ignition burner and flame adjustment
  • Huge variety of fire and water effects, and surely even more to explore
  • The running flame can also be projected on a horizontal jet of water

This effect device can be bought or rented from TBF-PyroTec. Please contact us if you are interested, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


And it works like this:

To bring the Fountain Flame to “burn” you need:

  • 1 water basin
  • 1 propane gas bottle
  • 1 DMX Controller
  • 1 Fountain Flame

In the pool, the Fountain Flame unit is placed on an even surface. The even surface must be between 30 cm and 70 cm below the water surface. A 20 m long hose and cable pack connects the Fountain Flame unit with the control unit, put up on “dry land”. Connect DMX, gas supply and electric power to the control boxes and off you go.

To control you need 8 DMX channels for a device. The first two for driving the pump. Third channel is the ignition, fourth and fifth, the gas supply. With the last three channels, the LEDs for the RGB light can be controlled.

Now, for those who are skillfully and quickly with their fingers, the unit can be controlled by pushing the flash buttons and sliders directly on the DMX controller. Against unnecessary strain on the nerves DMX programmed sequences help and put the fire dance on the water jet in the right light.