NEW! Shoot the marvelous 5-Master-flame-fan from any angle in any direction. Particularly the inverted flame-fan offers complete new flame design options. An external 6 liter tank provides the 5-Master USD with liquid combustible through a fluid-hose of up to 50 m length.

The 5-Master UpSideDown and der Single Shot at Circus FlicFlac.

Thanks a lot Master of Hellfire!


5-MasterFivemaster flame projectors from TBF-PyroTec are setting new standards for indoor stage pyrotechnics. 5 diversified flame jets with adjustable 4 to 6 m output range can be controlled via DMX, individually and in programmable combinations. The specially developed fluid and reliable ignition permits rapid fire sequences with bright and rich flame contours. The integrated 3 Litre tank stores fluid for approximately 1000 flame jets. Fivemaster needs no pyrotechnic license (EU).